How to order products of CaliVita International

CaliVita International is a club of healthy lifestyle, and it distributes the products through the club system.

You can become a member of the Club CaliVita, make first order for some products. Then you will get a club card and will have the opportunity to buy all products of the Company on discounted rate.

Complete information about the benefits of membership in the Club CaliVita you will find on the section CaliVita International Membership.

CaliVita ordering

On this page, you can make one order on club price, which is 25% below of selling price, without being a CaliVita member.

Delivery of orders carried out by mail, but in countries where there are CaliVita offices, you can make order also in the office. You will receive this information after submitting order.

Please complete and send Order form, and wait for response.

Order form

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